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The Other Side of Elsewhere for $.99!

Starting this Thursday, June 11th - 14th, The Other Side of Elsewhere will be on sale for only $.99! This is a great opportunity to download an original, digital copy, as well as support an indie author. I'm running a strong push to boost my book to the next level. It took a year to get this opportunity where I can run a Bookbub ad, and a combination of 12 other ads in order to sell enough to make a bestseller list. I am confident I can get there.

It will take at least another year or longer to get this opportunity again, so I'm asking for any support I can get. Simply sharing it on your social media is a great help. It is available on all digital formats, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, I am excited for the future. Liberty Justice is in the editing process now, and The Intruders is finished and I'll be looking for representation for it. I am currently writing my next novel and I have many more to come.

I am truly grateful to my fans, and the reviews and feedback I've received for The Other Side of Elsewhere and my other works. You are the ones who fuel me to continue.

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