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Writing like a madman!

I have reached the halfway mark in writing my new novel, Abducted. This is a fast paced nail biter. It starts with a bang and doesn't let up. I'm having a lot of fun writing this one. I love the action and suspense and I hope to be finished with the rough draft by either the end of this month or halfway through December.

This was originally written as a screenplay so it delivers a lot more on the visuals and tight pacing. Below is a small blurb describing what it's about.

In the dead of night, Gavin Sanders and his family are taken from their home by a group of military trained operatives to an underground bunker where he’s tortured and questioned about things he knows nothing about, and when they realize they nabbed the wrong guy, Gavin and his family are set to be killed.

Now Gavin must free his family, run from relentless killers, and discover the secret behind the strangers who bear a horrifying, supernatural ability that threatens the human race.

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