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A wild ride on a car that transcends worlds

My review of NOS4A2 by Joe Hill.

A page turner from start to finish! This is the second book I've read of Joe Hill's, and I'm instantly a big fan. I listened to it on Audiobook through the month of December up to Christmas, and what a great time to read it. Hill's description of Manx's twisted 'Christmas land' is original and told with just enough to let your imagination build the rest. Charles Manx is one of the most diabolical villains created, and narrated by Kate Mulgrew, who is brilliant. The voice she uses for him is perfectly creepy. Hill grabs you from page one, and pulls you through the story on a wild ride of a car that transcends worlds. He does not write one boring page, and has a way of building characters you can relate to and fall in love with. I highly recommend this read.

Road trip to the twisted world of Christmas Land

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