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A visceral, gritty world

My review of Mean Business on North Ganson Street by S. Craig Zahler

Zahler creates a visceral, gritty world where action and brutality is rampant. It feels like a futuristic, apocalyptic world where Mad Max might live. I'm a huge fan of his 2 western novels, Wraiths of the Broken Land and A Congregation of Jackals, and I was excited to read this one. Bettinger is a great character to follow and one you can relate to. He's forced out of Arizona to another precinct in Missouri where he struggles to fit in. He wants to solve murders and do his job right, but his fellow cops could care less. They bend the law to meet their own needs. As policemen are being violently murdered, the truth of what's happening slowly starts to unravel, and now Bettinger and his family are at risk. It becomes very intense and hard to put down at this point,and it is not for the faint of heart. This book has unflinching gore and violence. Zahler shows us how animalistic men can be if thrown into the right situation, and it's a horrifying thought. I enjoyed this novel, and I recommend it. It's a good cop thriller that has more punch in it than most.

A good cop thriller

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