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A mix of Mark Twain and L'Amour

Paradise Sky by Joe R. Lansdale

Paradise Sky by Joe R. Lansdale is a rollicking novel about Nat Love, an African-American cowboy with a famous nickname: Deadwood Dick.

This is the first novel I've read of Joe R. Lansdale and I can't wait to read another one. I have not fallen in love with a novel this much in a long time, and I've never compared anyone to the greats of Mark Twain and Louis L'Amour, but I am now. Lansdale writes with an endearing language that brought me back to Huckleberry Finn, with action and details of the old West like L'Amour would write.

It follows the fictional tale of Nat Love shortly after the Civil War, and depicts much of the hate and racism African-American's endured in that time. Accused of looking at a man's wife inappropriately, the townsfolk are quick in wanting to lynch him, but he escapes their wrath, and continues on a journey that leads him through several different experiences including his friendship with Wild Bill and Calamity Jane in Deadwood.

The style of writing at times was like poetry, and it painted a picture so real, I felt I was in this world with all it's sweat, stench, and violence. Highly recommended.

Nat Love (Deadwood Dick)

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