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Review of 'Mine' by Robert R. McCammon

I am a big fan of Robert R. McCammon's work. I have never read a book of his that I didn't like or finish. What I like about McCammon is that each book is completely different than the last. He can write a suspenseful thriller, a coming of age story, historical mysteries, full-on horror, epic stories and fun stories that would work well as a graphic novel.

I recently scrolled into history to read some of his older work that I hadn't read, and 'Mine' caught my interest. I listened to it on Audible, narrated by Isabelle Gordon, who was so engaging I couldn't stop listening. She has to be credited to how well this novel was brought to life.

In 'Mine', McCammon created one of the most diabolical, un-hinged villains I've ever read. Mary Terrell (aka Mary Terror), has so many dimensions to her. He created someone you could weirdly relate to, and then stand back in horror at the things she does and says. I would liken her to Annie Wilkes from 'Misery' and Hannibal Lector. All characters grounded in reality and have traits not unlike real serial killers, which makes them all the more terrifying.

Mary Terror was once a member of the fanatical Storm Front Brigade in the 60's, but even though they've been splintered apart for years, she's convinced their surviving leader wants to build a life with her. But in her mind, she can't reunite with him without bringing a baby to replace the one they'd lost. So she steals a newborn baby from a hospital. Unable to wait for the authorities to do their job, Laura, the mother of this child, goes after this psychopath relentlessly, and becomes one of the strongest, female protagonists I've come across.

This is one of those compelling, white-knuckled thrillers you won't want to put down, and is brilliantly narrated. I highly recommend 'Mine' either on Audible or by reading the old fashioned way.

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